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If your name is Bridgham you are most likely related to Henry Bridgham, (1613-1670). Henry left England in 1641 on a most excellent adventure.  This site can help you find your family connection and offers a library of documents, publications and pictures to help you with your search.


Joel Bridgham has spent years gathering and updating information on ancestry.com.  This year he published a professionally printed book of over 700 pages with over 2000 footnotes (sources).  All descendants of Henry Bridgham that have the Bridgham name are included , with facts and dates and, when available, pictures and documents images.  Almost 200 have detailed biographies.  No names of the living are published.


David O'neale, recognized as the historian of Bridgham village in England, has written a book with Tony Dobbin that tells the story of village life over the past 1000 years.  It was released in November  2010.  The book includes a section about Bridgham, the surname, as well as the place name and mentioned our ancestors' emigration from Suffolk to America.  You can get more information by clicking the Bridgham Village link below.


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The Bridghams of America



Bridgham, England

Village Life

The Story of Bridgham in Norfolk (UK)

by David O'Neale & Tony Dobbin

     For information contact:   david.oneale@btinternet.com